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Reir Holding

Reir ehf was founded in 2005 by Hilmar Thor Kristinsson and Rannveig Eir Einarsdóttir. From the beginning Reir ehf has been involved in renovation and construction of real estate in Reykjavík´s city center. Since then it has become a holding company with businesses and services catering to the construction industry.

The Reir ehf. group takes pride in its employees, 120 in total, all experienced and respected within the industry. Reir ehf. has established itself as one to trust for quality and service among contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Presently, Reir ehf. is concentrating on real estate development, management and sales.


Reir Verk

Reir Verk ehf. is a strong and influential construction contractor involved in large real estate development projects in the capital area. The company has gathered together a strong team of managers, engineers and consultants who are comfortable dealing with any project no matter the size.

HBH Byggir

HBH Byggir began operations in 1999. The large majority of its product is made domestically, whether it be for homes, businesses or institutions. The company can produce for any type of construction project and utilizes one of the most well-equipped facilities in the country. HBH Byggir has created an extensive pool of knowledge and experience in construction from a source of 50 employees, including a strong group of well-educated professionals and specialized builders.

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